Solving environmental problems by pursuing “burning” and “sorting” technologies.

The “Smokeless Biochar Kiln” is a necessity for decarbonization,
which has become a social issue around the world,
and Food & Plastic Separator is indispensable for food recycling.

For the Future of Our Children,Transition from Fossil Fuels.

Moki's goal is to be a company that's good for the environment and helps society by creating special things that other companies haven't copied.

To make this happen, we want to keep being a team that's not afraid to try new and exciting stuff, with no limits, and not stuck in the past.

In the world's effort to make a cleaner planet with less pollution, we're making our own special eco-friendly products and selling them.

We are proud of our achievements to date and will continue to take on the challenge of contributing to the realization of a better society.


Company nameMOKI co.,Ltd
Foundation date4.6.1908 『Mogi Blacksmith』
4.1.1968 『MOKI co.,Ltd』
Foundation date4.1.1976
Representativecompany president  Kunitoyo Mogi
Manifactured ItemsFood&Plastic separator / Canned Products separation machine / Waste plastic washing machine / Crushing sieve machine / Non-smoke woodstove / Non-smoke wood boiler / Bomboo boiler / Biochip boiler / DIoxide clear takibi don don / Non-smoke carbonize / Carbonization Furnace / Barbeque stove,cooker


Head office plant / Showroom

96 Uchikawa, Chikuma city, Nagano Prefecture 389-0802

Stove factory / Second office

807-1Kamitokuma, Chikuma city, Nagano Prefecture 389-0805

Food&Plastic separator is the leading role for the recycling of packaged products and fresh rubbish.

From 1980, our company has manufactured environmental friendly equipment.
In 1982, MOKI invented the impeller mushroom bag separation machine and sold saw dust sieve machine. In 1988, our company became aware that food recycling laws will be introduced. As a result, the packaged separation machine was designed and invented.

This machine was advertised in various forms of the media. Everyday, customers came to us wishing to purchase machines but no machines were sold.
At the time, the percentage of accuracy of separation was only 90% From 1999, further trial and error experiments resulted in 99.6% accuracy of separation.
Due to the improved performance, we received many orders. Furthermore, increased requests from customers and continued research has led to an outstanding result of 99.9% of accuracy of separation.

Presently, machines are handmade by us, this results in customer satisfaction.
We are confident that our garbage separation machine and plastic waste washing machine will meet our clients needs.

Our vision is to spread the recycling of package products and fresh rubbish that have zero emissions all over the world. We are continually looking for and developing new environmentally friendly products.

Let’s make a society where resources are not wasted, but recycled in a way that has positive environmental results.
We need to act for our future children, now.

Company PresidentKunitoyo Mogi