Smokeless Biochar Kiln





What is a Smokeless Biochar Kilns?

The Smokeless Biochar Kiln is a product made from a stainless steel plate processed into a conical shape.
Burning dried branches and bamboo in a Smokeless Biochar Kiln, anyone can easily produce a large amount of biochar in a short time.
This product makes it easy for anyone to dispose of prunings in wineries and Kleingarten (citizen's vegetable gardens).
It's a product that has been gaining attention in Japan in recent years.

The key point is the unique shape

When the Smokeless Biochar Kilns is heated, a "convection current" is created, a flow of air that draws in from the outside to the inside.
Smoke is drawn into this air flow and secondary combustion occurs, so little smoke is produced.

Each product is handmade by craftsmen at the factory

How to use

  1. Materials

  2. Preparations

  3. Ignited

  4. Carbonization started

  5. During carbonization

  6. Final carbonization phase

  7. Fire extinguishing

  8. Carbonization completed

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